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The Start of Protectors

Long ago, before man decided they needed to rule the Earth, the world was filled with all sorts of mystical creatures. One story not often told of these times, was the reign of the Fairies. The world was far more peaceful and civilized at that time; this was due to the nature of Fairies (Fairies keep nature in balance, don’t you know). The Fairies ruled and protected the Earth for millennia untold.

Traditionally many believed Fairies were tiny creatures, when in reality, they held the power to transform into various sizes. This is what helped them rule for centuries. Fairies’ abilities, which were above the norm in comparison to other beings, had been a strong ally in their endeavors. Although many feared what could occur when suggestions and warnings were not heeded; in general their powers simply caused others to respect them and listened just a bit more closely. That being said, when challenged, Fairies had the ability to make beings’ lives miserable by causing calamities such as famine, drastic weather changes, or other fates worse than death.

Fairies believed that peace would ensure all of the rights, happiness and well-being for all. It was for such reasons they created a branch of peacekeepers to aid in negotiating and eliminating all ill willed things in their world. All of this was said to be for the better good and was to protect their society from a thing rarely spoken of in those times: evil. The Fairies and other such creatures of royal blood whose duties were as such, were known as Protectors of the Peace. The Protectors of the Peace were the most talented amongst their race. They were utilized to keep the balance between good and evil, which ensured the well-being of most creatures.

Although the Fairies made up the majority of Protectors of the Peace, other beings, had also been Protectors, such as Aianya of the Sea, Elca the Wise amongst the Wise and Toyrone the Great. Aianya was a Mermaid who helped where few Fairies could (not all Fairies have the power to transform themselves into other beings to enable them to travel deep into the sea). Most Fairies were not swimmers, nor could they hold their breaths for long lengths of time, therefore they were more prone to drowning. Aianya was the kindest ruler of all the Merpeople; when she looked into a being’s heart, a feeling of joy along with love would overcome any ill-minded thought.

Aianya was most known for making peace between the Kingdom of the Majestica Sea and the Kingdom of the Adrian River; conflict had broken out between these kingdoms which lasted for many a century before any Protector had been able to talk sense into their minds. A foolish war it was, for some Merpeople could only live in the seas, some could only live in fresh water, only a very few had the ability to live in both. As such, the River Merpeople thought they should rule it all, however, they were severely outnumbered. In the end, peaceful passage and grand invitations to all occasions made a great deal more sense.

Elca the Wise amongst the Wise; was an Elf. She was wise beyond any knowledge the world now possesses, and often used what you might call white magic to stop any disputes that would cause the world to become unbalanced or dangerous. Elca had a way about her; in most cases, a simple conversation more often than not worked quite well for settling many debates, as most creatures in the world were highly educated in those times. But if ever a discussion of great minds failed her, a simple touch would convince the opposition to change their position and kindly back down on their unreasonable threats of violence and treachery. Elca was best known to be what you could call a dragon tamer, for no creature could destroy anything or hurt anyone in her presence, as they would be instantly tamed.

There once was even a Troll who protected the world. His name was Toyrone the Great; he was the most peaceful Troll that ever lived, and one of very few that didn’t live under bridges and collect tolls. Toyrone came from great fortune and felt no need to steal other’s riches. However, this is not a tale about Trolls.

This is the tale of a particular family of Fairies from a kingdom high on the cliffs of the Majestica Seas known as the Kingdom of Fairoria. This is the story of the family of the great King Damon, but mostly of his three daughters: Elizabetha, Arabella and Kaspara. Over the years, each had the duty of Protector thrust upon them during their lives, a time of good which later turned sour somehow during their reign. Nevertheless, King Damon’s daughters’ adventures are the best known of true Fairy tales, as they were far more interesting than the normal stories involving the Protectors of the Peace.

Elizabetha was a beautiful, tall, slender Fairy of fourteen when our story begins. She looked most like her father King Damon, who was above average in size but as thin as a toothpick. He had hair of ebony and brown eyes which were inherited by Elizabetha. King Damon was known as the kindest and most humble king of the Fairies throughout the history of Fairoria. Although she looked most like her father, she was rather opposite of him in personality. Elizabetha also had gifts beyond that of her father’s; he was nothing more than an average Fairy, only capable of earthbound gifts, such as growing flowers. She had very special gifts that none were aware of until it was too late. Elizabetha believed herself better than any other creature that had ever walked the Earth.

Arabella was but nine. She had sandy light brown hair, a few freckles upon her cheeks. She was not fat nor skinny, rather average size for a Fairy. She took mostly after her mother, Queen Claira in both personality and looks as she began to grow older. Queen Claira was considered to be one of the fairest Queens, with a slightly tan complexion, sandy blonde hair. She was also quite slender but her eyes were what drew others towards her. There was just something about those green eyes that many found memorizing and Arabella too shared the trait. Queen Claira and Arabella were both known for being rather intuitive; they could often foresee the future and were often able to persuade others to do what was right and fair to all who had the privilege of meeting them.

   Kaspara was the youngest of King Damon’s children, at four; she was nearly eleven years younger than Elizabetha. She was a rather awkward child. Kaspara was a bit pudgy, being so young and spoiled. She had blonde hair, blue eyes and a few beauty marks near to her mouth and nose, most of which were not traits she shared with anyone in her immediate family. Kaspara was rather different from her family. Kaspara was basically a strange and spoiled little brat throughout her childhood. She was rather clever; though, very few knew what she or her sisters were truly capable of. Her abilities, along with a few of Arabella’s, were quite unknown and/or hidden from common knowledge. Most of their abilities were undiscovered at the time our tale begins.

The eldest of King Damon’s daughters, Elizabetha, was the first and therefore the only one in the family intended to become a Protector of the Peace, as traditionally only one member of a family would serve. It was rare for someone in the same generation of a bloodline to be chosen. The family was quite liked and blessed with rare gifts, which had made it quite easy to choose Elizabetha as her mother’s replacement. She had only been fourteen for a few months when the honor was bestowed upon her. It is at this point our tale begins.

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