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About the Author

j lea richardsonj. lea richardson was born and raised in Saint Paul, MN where she graduated from Harding High School. When finished with high school, she entered the work force and found it difficult to keep up with her passion of reading and writing. After many frustrating jobs she returned to her passion of writing as a means to relax. What happened then was magical, j. lea richardson came up with a brilliant story. In an instant she knew it had to become reality and in every spare second of the day she started to write once more.

j lea richardsonj. lea richardson has been writing the tales she had longed to read as a young adult ever since. Her obsession with Fairies and longing to fill the void of tales of Fairies now filling countless pages. Real Fairy tales that may or may not end happy geared towards young adults rather than small children.

065After pitching the idea to several friends and family she was encouraged to begin to publish her treasured stories for all the world to read. Her hope to paint an escape from reality for all who read and perhaps inspire a new generation of daydreamers.